F18 Multi Boiler

The F18 with it’s sleek design inspired by fighter jets, offers a steam boiler and an additional boiler on each group head. The multi boiler system will help regulate the temperature through the group head to ensure excellent espresso production every time. The touch screen on the F18 is a lot larger and there are buttons as well. This allows for micro adjustments to the settings to be made on screen. Per infusion is delivered at a soft 3 bars to gently float the coffee in the E61 group head on which the temperature can be adjusted to suit your coffee rather than adjusting the boiler.

The F18 is also fitted with an operational alarm to notify you when something isn’t right. Auto steam wands are an optional extra but now offer a textured milk function.  Available in a 2 group and 3 group version with standard or tall cup options.

Real-time temperature display, easy programmability for dialing in your recipes and a digital control interface provides all the information you need.


F18 Multi Boiler Gallery

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