The Opera 2.0

The Opera 2.0 has been developed for the speciality coffee market and has the ability to showcase multiple speciality coffee’s at high volumes, with control and precision. Each group head can be programmed to showcase 3 or more speciality coffees, which means that the Opera 2.0 three group machine can offer 18 different recipes. The fine tuning and adjustment of each recipe is can be carried out using the the interactive web app. The is the ultimate machine for all coffee geeks to showcase their talents.

For the sustainable coffee shop owner, the Opera 2.0 is also an energy – efficient machine and uses 50% less energy than a traditional machine.

Available as a 2 group or 3 group machine, in standard or tall cup the opera 2.0 is also available in 5 different designs.

Designed by world leading baristas, using advanced technology and creating the ultimate focal in any speciality coffee shop or roastery. 


The Opera 2.0 Gallery

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