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The Sego12 is a fully automatic espresso machine. The Sego can be placed literally anywhere, thanks to the small format, clear and easy user interface. Comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s parts & 1 year labour warranty


* Instant capacity 2×1.3 Litres
* Beans capacity 1×1.2kg
* One bean canister and two soluble canisters
* Quick and simple installation
* Bean-to-cup: freshly-ground coffee beans
* Two soluble canisters for instant milk and chocolate
* Ease of use: intuitive touchscreen
* The menu offers up to 30 choices of beverage
* The Sego is well suited to offices, waiting rooms and shops
* Water pressure 1 bar
* Tap height 105-135 mm
* The energy-saving mode reduces your energy consumption
* Colour silver & black
* Electric 230V, 13A, 2190W, UK Plug
* H590 x W315 x D590mm Sego

Price exclusive of VAT