Costa Rican Tarrazu Tirra


Syrupy and super sweet, red fruits and flavours in the form of hibiscus, cherry and plum make this a juicy, rounded natural.

Our Costa Rican Tarrazu Tirra Coffee

Coope Tarrazu were founded in 1960 and have almost 5,000 members, of which 33% are women and they have four agronomists who regularly visit members. Over the last 15 years the number of producers has increased by 50% and the annual coffee production in 70%. The co-op purchased Hacienda Tirra to start investing in coffee research and microlot production, resulting in 60% of the farm being used for coffee production activities.

Currently, the coop offer free seeds and soil analysis for members as a way of encouraging reforestation of the local area in order to be more sustainable in the long term. For the seasonal workers they offer free housing during harvest times, and festivals as a way of engaging and encouraging the continuation of their cultural heritage.

Bean Type


Processing Method



1500 - 1600 metres


December - March


Tarrazu, Costa Rica