Honduras Marcala


Flavours of brown sugar, chocolate, orange and honey.  A complex coffee with a soft velvet body. Scented with a lively and bright acidity.


Our Honduras Marcala Coffee

The Marcala Region is known for excellent green coffee quality and for its steady work towards sustainable agriculture. Coffee has become part of the Marcala farmers history, culture and basic income for their living. They therefore put all their effort and passion into their production. The tropical climate offers perfect conditions for the production of high standart arabica coffees, which is why the regions around Marcala have gotten such a well known and popular name in the international coffee market.

Marcala coffees are picked by hand, like all the other Central American coffees. It is washed and sorted and sun-dried in patios. This coffee has a light body and a nice spiciness. Its light acidity makes it ideal to use as a single-origin coffee.

Bean Type

Typica, Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai

Processing Method





December - March


Marcala, La Paz