Mexican Monte Azul Brew Bags


Enjoy the finest of coffee with the minimum of fuss with our coffee brew bags.  Hand picked cherries expertly roasted in Scotland to provide notes of apricot, blueberry, swiss chocolate and toffee.  Contains 12 brew bags.

Our Mexican Monte Azul Brew Bags Coffee

Mexico is one of the largest coffee-producing countries in the world, and the largest producer of organic coffee (making up 60% of world production in 2000). Like much of Latin America, the history of coffee in Mexico is rooted in colonialism, it being the Spanish who introduced the plant to their colony in the late 18th century. After the Mexican Revolution coffee cultivation became more democratic, with small farmers able to invest in their means of production, although years of political unrest has seen the coffee market rise and fall (and at one point collapse entirely).

Finca Monte Azul Coffee are one of the best growers and processors in Mexico. The beans from the Catimor and Bourbon varieties are hand-picked, the pickers rotating among the trees every 8-10 days. This labour-intensive practice is reserved for the highest quality trees.  The harvested cherries then have their skin and pulp removed and are then washed to remove the parchment.

Bean Type

Bourbon, Catimor

Processing Method





July - Sept


Huatusco, Veracruz, Mexico