Cinoart Automatic Tamper

The PT2 patent Guide Levelling System (GLS) improves the quality of each coffee bed, which then helps eliminate channelling caused from uneven and or inconsistent tamping. The GLS in the PT2 therefore significantly enhances the quality of your espresso.

The PT2 is simple to use and quick to adjust, has a small counter top footprint, includes segmented multi tamping, sturdy nonslip suction cup base, total tamp counter. Create the ideal tamping pressures ranging from 2 – 38 Kg.

The PT2 is made from a cast alloy structure which is strong, reliable and durable, and has nano technology with food grade safe non-stick coating on the tamp to ensure it stays cleans.

Built into the PT2 is a group handle sensor that only activates with metal (not fingers), and adjustable forks to create the perfect fit for the group handle.

Cinoart PT2 size

Width/Depth: 132mm
Height: 318mm
Tamp speed: 1.2 sec
Multi Segment Tamping: 1, 2 or 3 cycles
Colour: Black as Standard, White available on order
Tamp Diameter: 58mm Standard
Additional Tamp Diameters available on order, 53mm, 54mm, 54.3mm, 56mm, 57mm, 58.3mm

Cinoart PT2 – Precision Automatic Tamper that delivers precise and constant tamping every time.


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