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Rwanda Kinini


Flavours of lemon and passion fruit with a smooth white chocolate after taste.

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Processing Method



1500+ meters

Bean Type

Red Bourbon


March - December


Rulindo, Rwanda

Kinini is Kinyarwanda word for “malaria medicine “signifying the tree where the malaria medicine comes from. Kinini coffee washing station is owned by R&B import export Ltd.  This company works in partnership with 622 farmers we have 30 years sub-leased contract with farmers .All 622 farmers are in co-operatives .The objective is to establish long-term partnerships.

The majority of the farmers are widows from the Rwandan genocide and Jacquie, one of the founders of Kinini, is a key member of the International Women’s Coffee Association (IWCA).

Kinini coffees are grown on the slopes of high altitude mountains ranging from 1800 to 2500 metres above sea level with temperatures varying from 17 to 23 degrees centigrade. The climate, altitude and volcanic soils allow the predominantly Bourbon-variety coffee cherries to mature slowly, giving a good-sized bean that is rich in flavour and aroma.

Ripe cherries are picked in the early hours of the morning. They are then immediately delivered to the washing station where they are again hand sorted. The best quality cherries are pulped, fermented, graded and washed, all under expert supervision.

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Bag Size

250g, 1kg


Whole Bean, Espresso, Moka Pot, V60/Aeropress, Filter, Cafetière


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