Ethiopian Djimma


A rich, earthy, chocolate-laden coffee with notes of dark cocoa, walnut, and dry tannins of a red wine. It is full of flavour with low acidity and good chocolate bitter-sweetness.

Our Ethiopian Djimma Coffee

The catchment area for Ethiopian Mocha Djimmah is the largest in Ethiopia. This natural-processed coffee is grown in southwestern Ethiopia in the regions of Kaffa and Illubabor. Although these areas account for around 50% of the coffee exported from Ethiopia – most of it commercial grade – they also produce a restricted amount of speciality grade coffee which is mainly forest harvested.

Forest harvested essentially means that the coffee is self-sown and grows under the shade of natural forest trees. Forest coffee offers a wide diversity for selection and breeding so as to have plant stock selected for disease resistance, high yields, and the highest quality in terms of aroma and flavour. This is an ideal climate and the plants are well protected by the larger forest trees which provide shade from the midday sun and preserve the moisture in the soil. Forest coffee accounts for about 10% of the total coffee production in Ethiopia. These coffees are well-known for their body and acidity.

A unique coffee, thought to be the variety closest in flavour to the original wild plant. Its unique character is offset by a subtle gamey aftertaste.

Bean Type


Processing Method



1300 - 1850m


Nov - Jan


Kaffa, Ethiopia