Full French Brew Bags


Roasted using Indian cherry beans with double the levels of caffeine, this coffee is taken into the second crack, providing an intense, extra-dark, smokey taste with low acidity. This Full French roast will give you the caffeine kick you’re looking for!

Our Full French Brew Bags Coffee

India is known for best Robusta qualities that make up 60% of the total coffee production. Most growing areas are located in the western coastal regions of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

This Indian Cherry Robusta is a high quality and not too dominant coffee. It is ideal for espresso blends. But also when roasted alone, it guarantees a nice intensive taste experience. Due to its high oil content, this Indian Cherry coffee produces a beautiful and stable crema.

Bean Type

Cherry Robusta

Processing Method



900 - 1000 metres


Nov - Jan


Chickmaglur and Koorg, India