Guatemalan Rich Roast


Guatemalan SHB is among the world’s best coffees from the slopes of the country’s volcanoes. Rich roasted with flavours of caramel, cherries and chocolate.

Our Guatemalan Rich Roast Coffee

Guatemala is the most populated country in central America, south of Mexico, and to the north of Honduras. 36 years of civil war have taken its toll on the nation, and whilst democracy (and peace) now predominantly prevails, the country still ranks 2nd from bottom on the Latin American human development index. Filled with Volcanoes, and tropical rainforests, Guatemala is a picturesque country.

The Guatemalan coffee industry is a formidable one. Producing coffees from areas in the volcanic mountain ranges such as Huehuetenango, Coban, Fraijanes and Antigua – Guatemala is as famous for its regional specials as it is for the SHB and HB grades it more commonly exports. High altitudes, consistent rainfall and mineral-rich soils make coffee an excellent crop and nearly 300 unique microclimates result in a diverse range of flavours.

Producers in Guatemala are passionate and careful with their crop, and whilst local infrastructure may not always favour them, this does little to deter the determination for producing ever better cupping coffees year after year. Almost all coffee is Arabica and 98% is shade grown.

Guatemala’s strictly hard beans (those grown above 1,350 meters above sea level) are considered to be among the world’s best coffee. In particular, beans grown on the southern slopes of the country’s many volcanoes are considered highly desirable.

Bean Type

Caffea Arabica

Processing Method





Nov - March