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Marchtown Blend


Served on espresso in all of our shops, our Marchtown Blend is a selection of fine arabicas. Carefully roasted to provide flavours of red fruits and sweet honey, this coffee finishes with strong hints of chocolate. A smooth medium body.

Processing Method

Wet & Dry

Bean Type

Caturra, Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Catuai


Nov – Jan


Central & South America

Sourced from various producers in the Central America and South America this 100% arabica coffee is a blend of both washed and natural or dry processed coffees.  The washed process retains the fruit like flavours of the high grown mountain coffees gained from months of growth in volcanic soils.

With the natural or dry process, the coffee beans are dried inside the coffee cherries or ‘drupes’ which allows sugars and oils from the fruit to slowly penetrate the bean itself and carry that sweetness into the cup. Sugars from the drying cherry also impart more soluble solids to the coffee bean which amplify its body.

Carefully combining these coffees in the roasting process provides the more complex and balanced flavour profiles in the end cup.

Weight N/A
Bag Size

250g, 1kg


Whole Bean, Espresso, Moka Pot, V60/Aeropress, Filter, Cafetière


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