Indian Monsoon Malabar


Light fruit-like acidity, displaying a wonderfully mellow flavour, with aromas of chocolate, spice, and nuts. Good body and a heavy sweetness, especially at higher roast levels.

Our Indian Monsoon Malabar Coffee

One of India’s finest coffees, Monsoon Malabar is also one of the best-loved coffees in our range. Exceptionally smooth with a sweet, spicy kick, this coffee is unique to the lush Malabar Coast of Karnataka and Kerala, where is has protected status. Care is taken to select fully ripened cherries that are naturally sun dried and then hulled. “Monsooning” occurs when the green processed coffee is transported to the Malabar coastal city of Mangalore during the rainy monsoon months (June to August) and spread out on large covered patios where the coffee can slowly absorb moisture, causing it to swell and turn white. The swollen white coffee is place in warehouses where it is constantly moved until the moisture is reduced to 11 percent to avoid damage during exportation.

Monsoon Malabar’s unique process of exposure was discovered by change back in the 16th century, as spice ships transported the beans across the seas to Europe. Stored deep within the hold, the damp, humid conditions caused the beans to swell, neutralising any acidity and producing a deep, heavy sweetness – an immediate hit with Europeans.

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